Post build - August 2009

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Another month goes by and I only managed one trip out in the Mojo because of my back problem. Oh well, I still had fun and there's a video here to show a bit of what I got up to. I feel I should apologize for the sloppy gear changes, but the sciatica in my left leg made the clutch control a bit hit and miss!


It's amazing how much fun you can have with only 75BHP and a 1.25 petrol engine with nearly 100,000 miles on the clock. If/when it blows up then I'll make the switch to a 1600 Zetec SE and get a bit more power.

I've also spoken to Matt Beardshaw from Meggt recently, and my doors are on the way which should help to keep some of the gravel out of my face and make the driving a little more comfortable.

It's also the BTCC racing at Snetterton tomorrow which I was hoping to go to, but I've got a suspicion that my back will not make this a sensible option.... we'll see.


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